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Through years of experience and a passion for innovation, we have expanded our business and direction, proudly becoming a leader in gasket manufacturing. Our dedication to quality, technological expertise, and unwavering support to our clients make us the preferred choice for technical challenges worldwide.

GMP-TEHNIK was founded in 2002 in Sarajevo, with a focus on manufacturing top-quality rubber technical products. Through years of experience and expertise in rubber industry, we have expanded our range and enriched our offering with high-quality seals for hydraulics and pneumatics. Our dedication to delivering top-notch products and services makes us a reliable partner in the industry, meeting various needs of our clients and ensuring exceptional performance of their systems.

Our main goal is to remain a recognized international company that our clients perceive as a reliable partner for worry-free business. With dedicated efforts towards successful collaboration with our existing customers and openness to forging new partnerships, we allocate our resources and expertise to deliver high-quality products and services. Our commitment to quality and innovation enables us to respond to market demands and ensure sustainable growth, thus earning the trust and satisfaction of our clients.

Our business policy is built on establishing quality relationships with our customers and setting high standards in the market. We proudly emphasize competitive prices combined with a high level of quality that our products guarantee. Our skilled employees represent an invaluable resource that enables us to create lasting partnerships with our clients. Our commitment to quality, adaptability, and professionalism makes us a reliable partner in your business, providing you with confidence and assurance at every stage of our collaboration.

Characteristics of our products

01. High temperatures

Our rubber products are resistant to extreme temperatures, making them reliable for operation in challenging environments with high temperatures.

02. Resistance

The materials we use ensure exceptional acid resistance, making them suitable for use in industrial facilities.

03. Friction and wear

Our rubber products are specially formulated to withstand friction and wear, ensuring a long service life and reducing the need for replacement.

SEAL-JET technology - The pinnacle of precision in gasket manufacturing.

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