Rubber Technical Products

Our product range includes a wide variety of rubber products made from high-quality raw materials and rubber compounds that ensure excellent technical characteristics. Our range includes various types of rubber, such as natural rubber (NR), acrylonitrile-butadiene elastomer (NBR), chloroprene elastomer (CR), styrene-butadiene elastomer (SBR), ethylene-propylene-diene monomer elastomer (EPDM), fluoro elastomer / Viton (FKM), and silicone elastomer.

Naši proizvodi od gume dizajnirani su za pružanje izuzetne izdržljivosti i otpornosti na zahtjevne uslove. Bilo da se radi o visokim temperaturama, otpornosti na kiseline, izdržljivosti protiv trenja i habanja ili otpornosti na različita fizikalna opterećenja, naši proizvodi pouzdano odgovaraju različitim tehničkim izazovima.

Your requirements and needs are our main inspiration for continuous improvement and development of our product range.

In our product range, you will find a diverse selection of items that are the result of expertise and meticulous attention to detail. Some of our products include:

  • Gaskets ("O"-rings, square, face, and profile gaskets)

"O" ring seal is a circular ring of various diameters and thicknesses. It has a wide application in sealing technology due to its simple shape, high sealing capabilities, and easy installation.

"O" rings are most commonly made from NBR material, but they can also be made from other materials depending on the technical requirements and application.
"O" rings are manufactured according to the DIN 3770 standard.

  • Gaskets (Cuffs, Sleeves)

Cuff is an elastic sealing element used to seal the piston and cylinder in hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
The sealing function is achieved by pressing the sealing lip against the wall of the piston and cylinder. They are manufactured in various shapes for different purposes.

  • Wipers (Seal Wipers)

  • Seals (Oil Seals)

Seal (Oil Seals) (Radial shaft seal) is a sealing element with a solid outer and elastic inner part that is installed in machine components with rotating elements. The sealing function is achieved using the elastic part in which a spiral spring is embedded. It is used to separate different media with a small pressure difference.

  • Membranes

  • Rubber wheels

  • Rubber dampers/rubber bumpers

  • Rubber chicken pluckers

  • Rubber mounts (rubber supports)

  • Rubber pads for car lifts.

  • Vacuum rubber seals for the printing industry

  • Rubber injection-molded profiles

  • Couplings (periflex couplings, flange couplings, elastic couplings, gear couplings, Hardy couplings, couplings for excavators and backhoes, couplings for compressors...)

Periflex couplings

Other couplings

  • Rubberizing Schwing concrete pump

  • Rubberizing butterfly valves

  • Transport rollers

  • Rubber coils

Rubber coils used in segments for conveyor systems are made from synthetic rubber with a hardness of 65-80 Sh, providing resistance to wear, aggressive atmospheric media, and lubricants. They are utilized in quarries, brickworks, mills, and other industries that employ endless conveyor belts.

  • Products made of rubber-metal and rubber-canvas

  • Manufacturing of tools and specialized rubber products according to a sample/drawing

Our expertise, attention to detail, and quality approach enable us to meet various requirements and needs of our clients. With top-notch technology and skill, we create products that are reliable and long-lasting, providing our customers with complete satisfaction.

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